Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Circus!

We went to the circus and saw so many things! We saw clowns and thy were so funny. They were looking for one clown and a superhero car appered and superheros came out. The clown they were looking for was also in there and he came out last. We also saw trapeze artists they also did a triple summersalt! We also saw women who can squeez into a small cube ancome out again. (Did I mention there were three women?) Is that cool or what? And also there was a man who could lift four times his own weight! (Another cool or what!) And also somebody had skin of steel. He could walk on really hard nails. And there were also elephants. One could even paint! We had so much fun. Then at the end we saw a really awsome train! (Not a real one, but how awsome would it be if it WAS a real train?)

Monday, February 14, 2011


Today we went to Gigi's cupcakes and picked out some special valentines day cupcakes. I got a strawberry SHORTcake. (Get it? Strawberry SHORT cake!) Then we went home and had our valentines day party. We had club sandwiches, lemonade, and our cupcakes!
- Princess Peach


Today we had to get shots. We went in the doctors office and got our number, waited and then we had to go to the shot place. We ALL got shots. I went last. It hurt a little and I got a lollipop when I was done! I didn't like it one bit. Then we went home and were all better!

- Princess Peach

(Mommy Edit: We all received PPD test today. One of many things we're doing before our next PCS!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Duck Pond

Yesterday we went to the duck pond and fed ducks some cheerios. When we were done doing that, we went to the bridge to feed fish. There were so many fish. Big ones, little ones, and some rare fish. And catfish! My favorite fish was the albino fish. It is one of the rare fishes. The pond also sometimes has geese. I think I saw a swan. It was white with a yellow-orange beak.

- Princess Peach