Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our milk still goes MOO

I took Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi to a chicken and dairy farm today. We had beautiful weather, unlike our clothed shower as we ran into the museum for Princess Peach's science class. THAT is a different blog altogether.

We drove from our home in the Mushroom Kingdom to the countryside and found the cute, little farm. There is a shop, some animals and the cows are in the back. The farm is the same farm we buy our milk from at the Farmer's Market, so the kids were familiar with the milk.

Say cheese! The kiddos started off at the cheese squishing station. Princess Peach was given a small bag full of crumbly cheese, then a pinch of sugar was added in and the -squishing- began. Luigi did not say a single word until his entire bag of cheese had been devoured. I'll assume it was yummy because not one of them shared with Mommy.

Then it was off to the milk station. They decorated labels for their very own pint of milk, then we watched through a glass window while she put the milk in each one. Mario downed his within a minute, Luigi took a little longer and Princess Peach saved hers to take home.

"Shake, Shake, Shake, SHAKE YOUR BUTTER!" The kiddos were given little jars filled with cream and told to shake (and shake and shake and shake and shake) for five minutes until the cream separated into butter! Princess Peach shook hers up like a pro and we ended up with three little baggies of fresh, soft butter. We put it in the fridge to harden up and will sample it with dinner tonight.

And before we left for our home in the Mushroom Kingdom, we stopped to say hi to the cows. Do you know the cows your milk comes from? We do!

-Princess Peach's Mommy

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