Monday, September 28, 2009

Where did September go?

September has been a busy month. We're settled into our routine and everything is going great. In fact, I was surprised to find we're already at the END of September. This month absolutely flew by for us.

Princess Peach started working on a new song for her violin. Greensleeves! I remember playing that when I was a little musician.. ahh, the memories. Anyway, we started studying it today and hope to play for Daddy soon.

So what have we been doing? We've been spending a LOT of time in the kitchen and having fun with new foods. We decided as a family to move away from the traditional American fare and search for healthier options. They picked out a recipe for granola bars, which we made into bite size treats! Super yummy!

Oh, and we did NOT have Luigi mash the lentils for his peanut butter balls and sneak them in the recipe right in front of him. Really.. *coughcough*

Princess Peach read an article today about President Barack Obama addressing children and we set our very own goals for this year. Princess Peach will study for her spelling tests and work on her listening skills.

She has developed an amazing interest in all things science and we are planning to sign up for the Science Olympiad this year!

-Princess Peach's Mommy

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