Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ohhh.. in the Strike Zone!

Thursdays will soon be our busy days, shuttling between Co-Op in the morning, to the SAS after lunch and then to chess club before we finally return home at dinnertime. That all begins in a few weeks. So today, we had a light load of school work, a few chores and then... nothing? That can't be!

Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi all loaded into the minivan for some spontaneous BOWLING action. We sneakily call this P.E. which I am sure it is, but the kids didn't know that. Hehe.

Princess Peach's little brother, Mario

Princess Peach's little brother, Luigi

Princess Peach

Daddy was even able to join us for the second half of the game! My little bowlers had such an awesome, fun time! We are planning more trips to the Bowling Alley this month and next, so I am sure she'll be bowling 100 soon! Oh, and for the record it was: Luigi with the win at 79, Mario in at 69 and Princess Peach with 61 (without bumpers). Super kiddos!

Mario giving the bowling ball a huge push!

Luigi's "Happy Dance"

Princess Peach... Raar!

-Princess Peach's Mommy

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