Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scientific Method

We are getting back in the groove for school! The first two days were a little up and down (from the table) and today she is staying on track. We started at 7:45 and should be done today just after lunch! Hopefully ;) Princess Peach is excited for her Scientific Method class later today at the local hands-on science museum, so I am sure she will get her schoolWORK done by then. Right? Hehe.

Today we checked out the Moon Walk over at Scholastic News. Princess Peach wrote a nice "letter" home from the perspective of an astronaut about her moon landing. She also invented a new type of sandwich today while writing in her journal:

Ice Cream


Graham Crackers

Take the ice cream and M&Ms and stir in a bowl. Take ingredients and lay graham crackers flat. Scoop ice cream on one. Put top on.

Sounds yummy! Princess Peach can't wait to get into the kitchen when we work on our home economics. She loves baking and cooking ;)

Our plans last night included a baseball game, but the ever lovely weather rained out the game before it ever started. Here's Princess Peach enjoying a game earlier this summer:

The team will be back in town next week, so we will try again then! Princess Peach loves baseball and going to games.

-Princess Peach's Mommy

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